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Doron Vermaat, Founder and Managing Consultant at High West
Doron Vermaat, Founder and Managing Consultant at High West

Doron Vermaat

Doron has been in Hong Kong since 2006. Prior to founding High West, he co-founded NewChinaCareer, the first English-language online employment website for Greater China, worked as a Senior Consultant for executive search and selection firm ConnectedGroup and as the Head of Business Development for Recruit.net, one of Asia's largest job search engines.

During his time in Hong Kong, he has placed a large number of talent ranging anywhere from a Junior Copywriter at the South China Morning Post to the Chief Technology Officer at Tink Labs.

Besides helping Hong Kong's dominant tech companies with their search for talent at High West he is also a co-founder of the leading domain name SaaS investing platform Efty and the publisher of DNgeek.com, a popular blog about startup naming and domain names.

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